Zumo Kollie ft. King Mez - Shooting Stars Down

Artist: Zumo Kollie

Featuring: King Mez

Producer: Jeff Gore

Album: Elegant A.D.D. Vol. 1: The Free Thinker

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 5 votes )


What’s the only thing better than one dope emcee? Two dopes emcees, and if there’s a world video premiere involved as well? All the better. For his new flick Shooting Down Stars, Zumo Kollie grabs a beat from producer Jeff Gore that’s as driving as it is hypnotic, giving the Rhode Island emcee a dopely blank canvas to paint a picture of the often tragic downside of fame. It’s a topic King Mez addressed on his My Everlasting Zeal album as well, and does so again with verbally and conceptually intricate bars. If you’d like to help elevare Kollie’s star, be sure to grab a copy of Zumo’s Elegant A.D.D. Vol. 1: The Free Thinker album, available now.

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Written by on Jul 24, 2012

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