Yinka Diz - Wind in My Caesar

Artist: Yinka Diz

Featuring: Marky

Producer: El Puto Coke

Album: New Art, New Money

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Yinka Diz returns for his second Booth feature with another record from his forthcoming project, New Art, New Money. His latest offering, Wind in My Caesar, featuring Booth regular Marky, is a soulful joint with El Puto Coke on production. Listening to his music, one thing is for sure, you’ll never find him slacking at his momma’s house on his momma’s couch (well, unless he’s visiting). The son of a Nigerian immigrant father and a mother who grew up on the rough side of Chicago, Yinka’s childhood included time in the Chi, Inland Empire (just outside of L.A.), some time abroad and now D.C. Those experiences helped craft the sound of the 25-year-old emcee/producer, who honestly reveals as much with lines like “I’m 25, I should be dead or in jail.Wind in My Caesar is a song that’s about a sense of accomplishment, and it doesn’t hurt that the beat is dope and the hook is catchy. As Yinka so honestly says, “I ain’t whipping a Beamer, I’m just cruising with the wind in my Caesar…” Now that’s the kind of real rap I can relate to.

Yinka DizMarky Premiere

Written by ThroatChopU on 05/25/11

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