Ying Yang Twins - Wham Boom Bam

Artist: Ying Yang Twins

Album: ATL Holes

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After leaving Collipark Music, following the abysmal sales of Chemically Imbalanced, the Ying Yang Twins knew they had to prove to their fans that they’re still the same Whistle While You Twerk fellas.  On Wham Boom Bam, the second buzz single from their new album ATL Holes, the duo goes back to telling the freaky tales for which they are known.  The energy is similar to when they were with Collipark, but the production quality is somewhat inferior to ol’ Smurf’s.  It’s too early to tell whether the duo can regain their earlier success, but the soon to be released ATL Holes will provide answers.

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Written by on Sep 17, 2007

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