Xzibit ft. Jelly Roll - Forever You Won’t

Artist: Xzibit

Producer: Lil' C

Album: TBD

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 16 votes )


Hip hop heads are creatures of habit. If an artist drops a successful debut, then waits too long to follow up on it, they quickly become irrelevant. Artists who consistently churn out music, on the other hand, are able to maintain a steady following, even if their subsequent efforts don’t have quite the allure of their earlier work. Since ’96, Xzibit has released an LP every two years, without fail. Thus, you can imagine his fans’ surprise when ’08 rolled around and still no announcements had been made about his next album. While he’s still keeping mum on what’s next, he recently released a new single, titled Forever You Won’t. The track is classic Xzibit, featuring an eerie West Coast beat by Lil’ C, a hook by frequent collaborator Jelly Roll, and a few verses about nothing in particular. Not to rush you, X, but the year is coming to a close—better get to work fast.


Written by on Sep 03, 2008

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