Wynter Gordon - Surveillance

Artist: Wynter Gordon

Producer: D'Mile [for Darkchild Prod.]

Album: Self-Titled (Jul '08)

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 26 votes )


Most fella’s know that if they invade the privacy of their woman, and are subsequently caught, the previous level of trust that existed in the relationship will dwindle down to zilch.  While newcomer Wynter Gordon sings about the headache these privacy issues cause on her new buzz single, Surveillance, it would be wise to ignore her message when it comes to finding out as much as you can about this talented Don Pooh Music Group/Atlantic Records recording artist.  With a sneak peak EP, Quiet Before The Storm, dropping later this month and placements on the soundtrack to Tyler Perry’s new film, Meet The Browns, and Danity Kane’s forthcoming sophomore album (Gordon co-wrote 2 of You), Ms. Gordon might want to consider a security team.

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Written by on 03/11/08

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Don Pooh Music Group/Atlantic Records

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"Sugar ft. Wynter Gordon" (2009)

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