Wonda ft. Zee Avi - The Boom

Artist: Wonda

Producer: Wonda

Album: #SummerTimeChi

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Wonda‘s sound may be eclectic—on his Booth debut alone, he combined elements of hip-hop, pop and R&B—but the subjects of his songs are about as down-to-earth and relatable as it gets. Having rifled through snapshots of a schoolboy crush on July’s Memories of U, the Midwestern upstart looks at love from a diametrically opposite angle on follow-up The Boom documenting the moment when the rosy fantasy of a relationship gives way to the bitter realization that things just ain’t gonna work out. Wonda self-produces, serving up a uniquely catchy flip of Zee Avi’s vocal-driven Concrete Wall as the artist ponders his and his girl’s rapidly-narrowing set of options. Feeling this poignant pre-breakup jam? Then keep it locked for the latest on #SummerTimeChi, scheduled for digital release in the next two weeks.

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Written by on Sep 12, 2012

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