Willy Northpole ft. Bobby V - #1 Chick

Artist: Willy Northpole

Producer: Khao

Album: Tha Connect

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 28 votes )


Though rappers are often assumed to be players unwilling to commit to any one partner, that stereotype (like most) is not entirely accurate—in most cases, they simply need to find someone who can deal with their uniquely taxing lifestyle a musical career necessitates.  Just ask Willy Northpole, whose inability to settle down put a strain on his relationship with his #1 Chick—that is, until the two agreed that they could each enjoy a little something on the side.  Former DTP labelmate Bobby V provides the obligatory R&B hook, and Khao delivers a synth-driven beat that would make any rapper sound good, but proves particularly suited to Northpole’s flow.  For more deep, thoughtful jams straight outta the AZ steets, pick up Willy Northpole’s long-awaited debut album, Tha Connect, set to (finally) drop June 23.

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Written by on Jun 18, 2009

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