Willie The Kid - Love for Money ft. Trey Songz, LA The Darkman, Bun B...

Artist: Willie The Kid

Featuring: Trey Songz, Bun B, Yung Joc, La The Darkman

Producer: V12 The Hitman

Album: Absolute Greatness

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 33 votes )


A wise man once said, “No matter how hard you hug your money, it will never hug you back.” Apparently, Michigan rapper Willie The Kid doesn’t care. With the way the Rust Belt is tanking financially, can you really blame him? His new track, Love For Money, explains his obsession with paper wealth. Like so many other rappers, he is captivated by the lavish life and driven by material lust. Guests Trey Songz, LA The Darkman (his older brother), Bun B, and Yung Joc all share his passion for wealth over a beat by V12 Tha Hitman. Apparently, mo’ money no longer means mo’ problems. Love For Money will appear on his upcoming album, Absolute Greatness, in stores September 30. Willie will be heartbroken if you don’t drop $10 on it.

Willie The KidTrey SongzBun BYung JocLa The Darkman

Written by on 08/17/08

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