Vinnie Paz - The Oracle

Artist: Vinnie Paz

Producer: DJ Premier

Album: God of the Serengeti

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With his latest studio album just a week and change away, Philly underground bruiser Vinnie Paz is amping up fan anticipation with the release of a brand new single. Following September’s 7 Fires of Prophecy, The Oracle finds DJ Premier serving up a vintage boom-bap groove as the Jedi Mind Tricks lyricist challenges hip-hop soothsayers to suss out the answer to one very simple question: “Who’s the realest?” (Need a hint? His name starts with “V,” and ends with “innie Paz.”) Enemy Soil Films and New Pace Films join forces to create some appropriately grimy official visuals. Click here to pre-order the artist’s God of the Serengeti LP, scheduled to hit record stores and online retailers next week, on October 22.

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Written by on Oct 15, 2012

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