Uptown Swuite - The Fonk

Artist: Uptown Swuite

Producer: Slo-Mo [of Fortilive]

Album: Concrete Cove

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 3 votes )



What exactly is The Fonk referenced in the title of Uptown Swuite‘s new single? Other than it being derived from the word “funk,” I have no fonkin’ idea—but by the time the record’s through, you’ll be craving more of it. A throwback to West Coast street bangers of the early to mid-‘90s, this joint finds the Seed member trading laid-back verses with Rappin’ 4Tay and Fortilive‘s Slo-Mo. The last-named collaborator also handles production duties, crafting a G-Funk beat tailor-made for top-down cruising. Fiending for more? Then stay tuned; Concrete Cove currently lacks a drop date, but we’ll keep you supplied with release details on the set, as well as all the latest tunes.

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Written by on 11/8/13

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