Tyga ft. Rich Boy & Lil’ Wayne - Coconut Juice (Remix)

Artist: Tyga

Featuring: Rich Boy, Lil Wayne

Producer: Jon Famous

Album: Unreleased

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 62 votes )


When Tyga released his debut album, No Introduction, on June 10, many listeners considered him part of the “new generation” of hip-hop youth.  Apparently, he’s also bringing back the real remix trend, rapping a never-before-heard verse for a revisited version of Coconut Juice over a brand-new beat by Jon Famous.  That verse is sandwiched between guest features by Tyga’s boss Lil’ Wayne and fellow relative newcomer Rich Boy, all of whom show off exactly how they stunt at the club (hint: Tyga’s choice of drink is the mildest of the three).  Even though No Introduction might have fallen off the Billboard 200 Album charts, Tyga’s primary commitment is still to his craft; as long as he keeps that up, you canexpect more enjoyable listens in the future.

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Written by on Jul 31, 2008

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