Ty Farris - We Rydahs

Artist: Ty Farris

Producer: KidTerrorBeatz

Album: The Barcode

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Ty Farris is a f**king rydah. Though most listeners likely guessed that from the title of his last digital full-length, November 2013’s Rydah Music, he evidently thought the point bore further emphasis. On a freshly-released mixtape standout, he explicitly states that “We Rydahs,” and proceeds to offer a full rundown of what that entails. Despite hailing from Canada, KidTerrorBeatz cooks up an instrumental with a smooth down-South flavor, layering wah-wah guitar and vibrant bells over a leisurely rhythm section. Farris tailors his delivery to the beat, adopting a laid-back flow as he paints a sumptuous lyrical portrait of ballerdom. For this whip-ready selection and much more, cop Ty’s The Barcode mixtape, available now courtesy of Audiomack.

Ty Farris IndieStreet Banger

Written by on 07/30/14

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