Ty Farris - System Banging

Artist: Ty Farris

Producer: Freek Von Workum

Album: Rydah Music

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 6 votes )



Got a brand new sound system to break in? Ty Farris has you covered. As its title indicates, System Banging is built to rattle trunks, push speakers to their limits, and (if you’re not careful) earn noise citations from the local police. Freek Von Workum handles production duties on this street-certified selection, layering exquisitely grimy synths over throbbing percussion as the Motown repper shows us what he’s got rigged up in his ride: “6 by 9s on a thousand-watt amp / Every time the bass hit, you can see it in my lamp / Had to get an extra battery and throw it in the back / Never turn it to the max; it’ll make a window crack.” Like what you’re hearing? More Rydah Music awaits on Ty Farris’ next project, scheduled for release in September.

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Written by on 08/8/13

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