Tum Tum - T.U.M.

Artist: Tum Tum

Producer: The Missing Element

Album: Eat or Get Ate

Avg Rating: 32101 3.5 ( 2 votes )


From Biggie’s Juicy to Mike JonesBack Then, rappers have often loved to compare their early struggle to their present success.  Dallas native Tum Tum is no exception, as is heard on his new single, T.U.M.. Obviously in a very good mood, Tum boasts about how his transition from street soldier to major-label MC has kept him out of trouble and improved his outlook on life.  The synthesizer-heavy production, courtesy of The Missing Element, fits the track like a glove, giving T.U.M. a victory-march sound that could pave the way toward feel-good song of the summer.

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Written by on Aug 14, 2007

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