Triple C’s ft. Rick Ross, Brisco & Lil’ Wayne - Pill Poppin’

Artist: Triple C's

Featuring: Rick Ross, Brisco, Lil Wayne

Album: Black Flag

Avg Rating: 43211 4.2 ( 26 votes )


I’m sure Bill O’Reily and his staff of unpaid interns can’t wait to use the new Triple C’s cut, Pill Poppin’, as proof that rappers don’t need to refrain from gun talk to still be irresponsible ‘role models.’  Joining the Miami trio are Brisco and Lil’ Wayne, who use the platform to explain that their best studio sessions are wrapped following heavy drug usage.  While Ricky Ross and the Carol City Cartel look to release their independent project, Black Flag, sometime next year; maybe they can convince Eminem to do a guest verse on sleeping pills?

Triple C'sRick RossBriscoLil Wayne

Written by on Sep 16, 2007

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