Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars - Billionaire

Artist: Travis "Travie" McCoy

Featuring: Bruno Mars

Producer: Ari Levine and Bruno Mars

Album: Lazarus

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Quick quiz: what’s the only thing better than being a millionaire? Yep, you guessed it, being a Billionaire. (Although I don’t know what a billion will get you that several million won’t. Your own tropical island?) Anyway, here with some horrible financial advice but good music is Travis McCoy (a.k.a. the dude from Gym Class Heroes with all the tattoos who’s now on Nappy Boy) and crooner Bruno Mars (a.k.a. the dude who sang the hook on B.o.B.’s Nothin on You). Crafted around some acoustic guitar driven ska/reggae/folk rock production from Ari Levine (of The Smeezingtons) and Mars, Billionaire isn’t just McCoy’s (very) expensive Christmas list, it’s an ode to the power of money to change lives; I believe McCoy when he says that he’d help New Orleans residents more than FEMA. So how about it Booth? Does McCoy have the musical wealth to start watching royalty checks with nine zeroes come pouring in? We’ll find out for sure when his album Lazarus drops on June 8.

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Written by on Mar 09, 2010

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