Tom P ft. Playboy Tre & Aleon Craft - Time Flies

Artist: Tom P

Featuring: Playboy Tre, Aleon Craft

Producer: Justin Padron

Album: Root for the Underdog

Avg Rating: 43211 4.2 ( 19 votes )


As we all know, Time Flies when you’re having fun – and what could be more fun than listening to some fresh music from what may well be the most innovative state in our hip-hop nation? Straight outta Decatur, Georgia, Booth newcomer Tom P. has hooked up with a few equally creative Peach State neighbors to share his carpe diem life philosophy with the world on this newly-released single. Here, Justin Padron serves up a unique, treble-heavy blend of buzzing synths and Chipmunk hook vocals as the headliner, along with freestyle series alum Playboy Tre and recent Booth regular Aleon Craft drop Southern-fried meditations on the artistic grind, the ever-present problem of haters, and the need to strike while the iron’s hot. At more than five minutes, this track is by no means a short one, but heads with a taste for left-of-center bangers may nonetheless find that it’s over all too quickly. If that’s the case, keep your browsers locked on the Booth; Tom’s Revenge of the Underdog mixtape has yet to receive a solid release date, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Tom PPlayboy TreAleon Craft

Written by on Jun 28, 2010

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