Tiara Thomas - 4 Dolla Bill

Artist: Tiara Thomas

Producer: Rico Love

Album: Dear Sallie Mae EP

Avg Rating: 21021 2.4 ( 5 votes )


As a woman doing it big in the music game, Tiara Thomas is inevitably the recipient of hate from jealous females. But she’s not sweating it. On her latest single and debut solo feature, the Bad hookwoman dismisses her detractors by way of a catchy metaphor: “Call ‘em Four Dolla Bill hoes, ‘cause these b**ches not real.” (Since I know you’re all burning with curiosity, that’s not entirely accurate: according to my Google research, $4 bank notes were printed in the Confederate states, and Canada also issued them from 1882 to 1902). As she asserts her dominance, Tiara provides evidence of her versatility on the mic, switching fluently between sung vocals and speedy rapped flows over label boss Rico Love‘s club-ready synth/sample production. Dear Sallie Mae has yet to receive a drop date from the Division I/Geffen A&M brass, but we’ll keep you supplied with release details and fresh singles as they emerge.

Tiara Thomas R&B/PopClub

Written by on Jun 24, 2013

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