The Vibrant Sound - Gravity (Gotta Fly)

Artist: The Vibrant Sound

Producer: Wild Children

Album: The Vibrant Sound

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After introducing themselves in June of 2011 with the reader-acclaimed Gold Digger, Utah-based live-band crew The Vibrant Sound soared off into the ether and haven’t appeared in the Booth since. What goes up, however, must come down—so it was just a matter of time before they landed on our front page with another fresh record. In contrast to the aforementioned joint’s alternative vibe, new single Gravity (Gotta Fly) showcases a more pop-minded side of the crew’s aesthetic. A pulsing, keyboard-led groove by outside producers Wild Children backs frontman McKay Stevens as he narrates his struggle to break free of the forces keeping him earthbound. Feeling it? You’ll be able to find this catchy cut, along with the group’s debut feature and many more quality jams, on The Vibrant Sound’s self-titled studio album, due out in June.

The Vibrant Sound Indie

Written by on Mar 17, 2013

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