The Red Heels - #CMULM (Can’t Make You Love Me)

Artist: The Red Heels

Producer: kid.called.jay

Album: Until We Have Faces

Avg Rating: 43210 4.7 ( 12 votes )



When done poorly, a cover is a cheap attempt to use somebody else’s music to bolster your fame. When a sample or pseudo-cover is done in the right way, it can be just as unique as an original song. Take #CMULM (Can’t Make You Love Me), the first Booth feature from The Red Heels. Sure, this striking effort takes its name (and hook) from Bon Iver’s I Can’t Make You Love Me / Nick of Time, but the effort is beyond unique. This originality is thanks in part to the group’s producer, kid.called.jay, who builds a soothing, dense, synth-heavy beat around an altered sample of the original version. Vocalist black&ndwhite is perfectly in sync with the shrouded, poignant production; his emotional vocals are the record’s driving force. If you’re loving #CMULM, keep an eye out for the Red Heels’ forthcoming project, Until We Have Faces.

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Written by on Feb 04, 2014

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