The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain - I F****d My Aunt

Artist: The Lonely Island

Featuring: T-Pain

Producer: The Lonely Island

Album: The Wack Album

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Back in 2009, The Lonely Island continued the story of smash-hit D**k in a Box with Motherlover, a record which saw Andy Samberg and guest Justin Timberlake celebrating Mother’s Day by getting it in with each other’s moms. While I found it a little more awkward than funny, those who were feeling that premise will undoubtedly appreciate their latest single. Following January’s YOLO, I F**ked My Aunt is exactly what it sounds like: a sultry slow-jam in which the trio rhyme about f**king their aunts. And their ants: “I took out my favorite ant and crushed it with my d**k / And also, I f**ked my aunt.” On the back, I’m on a Boat collaborator T-Pain shares some Auto-Tuned reflections on the meaning of f**king. So, readers, did this incest-themed selection crack you up, weird you out, or a little bit of both? If you’re feeling it, then watch our pages for more fresh singles leading up to the June 11, release of Lonely Island’s Wack Album.

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Written by on May 15, 2013

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