The Kid Daytona - Lavender Life

Artist: Daytona

Producer: Gizzle Beats

Album: Savoir Faire LP

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I am not a party animal, but I do enjoy the occasional night out. However, no matter what I’m doing, I’d never dream of staying out past one. Unlike The Kid Daytona, I am just not all about that Lavender Life. What exactly is the Lavender Life, you ask? Over the rich, velvety boardwork of producer Gizzle Beats, Daytona explains that the Lavender Life is when you party until dawn, when the sky takes on a purple-ish tint. In a rumbling, blunted flow, he gives us insight into what this particular lifestyle is all about, sharing stories from his current hotspots and name-dropping some of the legendary New York spaces he dreams of visiting. The mellow Lavender Life checks-in as the second single off Daytona’s forthcoming LP, Savoir Faire, set for release this fall.

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Written by on Sep 19, 2013

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