The ILLZ - Closer

Artist: The ILLZ

Producer: The Temper Trap

Album: The Darkest Hour

Avg Rating: 32121 3.1 ( 9 votes )


Realness, thy name is The ILLZ. On a potential single off his forthcoming album, the Jersey rhymesayer cuts through the typical rap bravado to offer listeners a glimpse of the stress and frustration that so often plagues those pursuing a big dream. Flowing over an instrumental borrowed from indie-rock group Temper Trap‘s Soldier On, the emcee paints a poignant, easily-relatable lyrical portrait of financial insecurity and self-doubt. Ultimately, however, he reaffirms his dedication to the hustle. The Darkest Hour has yet to receive a release date, but those digging this moody selection can, of course, keep it locked for all the latest news and tunes.

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Written by on 06/6/12

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