The Greater Good - Understand Your Reasons

Artist: The Greater Good

Featuring: Marion Write

Producer: DJ Finyl

Album: Goodness Gracious

Avg Rating: 21021 2.7 ( 3 votes )



More or less, I am a music snob. I believe everyone has the right to listen to (and like) whatever they want, but if I don’t Understand Your Reasons for listening to an artist, it might cause me to raise an eyebrow. If you like The Greater Good’s latest effort, however, no explanations are needed; the song speaks for itself. The Vegas duo, made up of emcee Marion Write and producer DJ Finyl, display a tangible chemistry on their latest single. Write’s smooth, cascading flow blends with Finyl’s breezy, string-centered production to form a finished product that’s powerful, yet easy on the ears. You’ll be able to pick up the pair’s latest project via 2DopeBoyz on July 2; Goodness Gracious, that’s today!

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Written by on Jul 02, 2013

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