The Fixxers - Can You Werk Witdat

Artist: The Fixxers

Producer: Quik & AMG

Album: The Midnite Life

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 4 votes )


Long time west coast vets Quik (minus the DJ tag) and AMG have come together to form The Fixxers; an equivalent of the brainchild that was created when DJ Danger Mouse (who has since dropped the DJ tag as well) and singer Cee-Lo formed Gnarls Barkley.  After signing a single deal for the cut Can You Werk Witdat, Interscope Records changed their mind and offered Quik and AMG an album contract.  Bubbling in the west coast for over a month now, The Fixxers look to move their fun records across the country.  The question really is though, Does it werk?

The Fixxers Club

Written by on 05/30/07

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