The Breaklites - BOOM

Artist: The Breaklites

Producer: The Breaklites

Album: In The Trunk

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I am sure many of you know “boom goes the dynamite,” but BOOM also goes the new video single from The Breaklites. This version, however, is much less awkward and far more enjoyable than the famous YouTube clip. The crew’s emcee, Cruel, also performs much better than the much-maligned sportscaster, peppering the track’s beat with lyrical jabs delivered with a speedy, relentless flow. The frontman’s talents don’t stop at the mic, however, as he also directs and edits the song’s visuals, which feature the group on a leisurely bike trip along the strip as the in-house produced beat rattles behind them.  BOOM, the Breaklites’ second DJBooth feature, can be found on their latest album, In The Trunk, available now via iTunes.

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Written by Lucas G. on 03/11/13

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"In The Trunk" (2013)

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1 Songs

The Breaklites


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