The Bloody Beetroots - Awesome

Artist: The Bloody Beetroots

Featuring: The Cool Kids

Producer: The Bloody Beetroots

Album: Romboarama

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If you listen to one track by a masked, Italian production duo named after part of a vegetable today, let it be this one.  On the lone single off their Romboarama LP, The Bloody Beetroots join forces with two of the coolest kids in the Midwest to introduce listeners to a sound that can only be described as “Awesome.” As Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks let heads across the globe know just how great they’re feeling, Sir Cornelius Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea back their flossing with a punchy instrumental driven by buzzsaw bass and syncopated synth stabs.  The hard-edged, sorta over-the-top electro vibe may not be what listeners stateside are accustomed to, but this cut is as danceable as its creators are eccentric—that is, extremelyRomboarama is out now across the pond, but listeners wondering what else the Beetroots have up their sleeves will have to import the disc; unfortunately, there are no current plans for a domestic release.

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Written by on 08/4/09

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