TeeFlii ft. Problem - Brand New

Artist: TeeFLii

Featuring: Problem

Producer: TeeFLii

Album: ANNIERUO'TAY 3: Who the Fuck Is Annie?

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There are times when I’ve stretched the truth and called “Brand New” a record that had actually been out for hours, or even the better part of a day. So it bears extra emphasis this time: TeeFLii‘s latest mixtape single is hot off the presses, in mint condition, so fresh you can still see the steam rising off it. In fact, it’s a Booth-exclusive world premiere. The follow-up to October Booth debut This D**k (Remix), this cut finds the unsigned recording artist and producer waxing poetic about his girl’s ability to leave him refreshed and rejuvenated after a session between the sheets. Instead of the silky-smooth production you might be expecting, the headliner turns in a slow-rolling beat built around a spiky, delayed guitar loop. Diamond Lane buzzmaker Problem lends his self-assured flow to the final verse. Like what you’re hearing? You won’t have to wait long for more; ANNIERUO’TAY 3: Who the @*#$! Is Annie? is set to hit the ‘net this Thursday, November 21.

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Written by on Nov 18, 2013

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