Tall Tale Medicine Machine - Shoe String Theory

Artist: Tall Tale Medicine Machine

Featuring: Denmark Vessey

Producer: Blacktop Megaphone

Album: Tall Tale Medicine Machine

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According to some of the most current theories in physics, the world around us is made not of particles, but of strings, which vibrate somewhat like those on a guitar. To a scientific novice like myself, that sounds no more or less crazy than the alternate possibility Chi-town hip-hop collective Tall Tale Medicine Machine propose on their Booth debut: everything’s made of laces, like the ones on your kicks. New single Shoe String Theory finds crew leader Blacktop Megaphone and a 14-person live-band ensemble crafting a ramshackle, jazz-informed backdrop for bars by Denmark Vessey, the Motown emcee-producer who brought us Pose back in April 2011. When he’s not plumbing the depths of modern physics, Vessey opines on issues closer to home, from the ravages of urban poverty to his impeccable piff game. Tyler Berg of Sidewalk Chalk assists on drums. Has this left-of-center cut piqued your interest? More awaits on the Tall Tale Medicine Machine’s self-titled debut set, dropping independently on April 22.

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Written by on 01/31/14

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Tall Tale Medicine Machine
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