tabi Bonney ft. Nicole Wray - Winner’s Parade

Artist: tabi Bonney

Featuring: Nicole Wray

Producer: Ski Beatz

Album: The Summer Years

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Everyone loves a Winner’s Parade. Well, except for the losers. And I guess the people who have to clean up all that confetti off the streets afterwards. They probably hate parades. Wait, where was I? Ah yes, tabi Bonney’s new single. The DMV representer may be in the driver’s seat for Winner’s but it’s producer Ski Beatz who provides the engine, putting together one of the more addictive beats I’ve heard in a minute by layering claps over bouncing percussion and an anthemic chorus from an as-yet unidentified singer. But that’s not to say tabi takes the day off. On the contrary the man puts in some serious work, laying down bar after bar of verses dedicated to stepping on haters on your way to the top: “Success is the best revenge so I’m gonna make them do my dishes.” You can’t win them all, but if you’re Bonney you can make a hell of a late summer scorcher. Speaking of which, the man’s chronologically appropriate new album The Summer Years is set to drop on September 27. Until then, feel free to join the parade….

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Written by on Sep 08, 2011

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