T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone

Artist: T.I.

Featuring: Justin Timberlake

Producer: Rob Knox & Justin Timberlake

Album: Paper Trail

Avg Rating: 43210 4.7 ( 149 votes )


Though T.I.‘s first five albums showcased his more reckless and confrontational side (well hello, T.I.P.), the platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated Paper Trail found him toning things down just a bit.  On the album’s very last track (also the latest single), Tip explains why he stopped acting so impulsively: the man he used to be is simply Dead and Gone.  With guest vocals from Justin Timberlake (who Tip previously collaboed with on the Grammy-winning My Love) as well as the co-production of Rob Knox (whose work can be heard on Britney Spears’ newest album, Circus, as well as the upcoming Paper Trail re-release), Dead and Gone should be alive and well once it impacts the Billboard charts at the top of ’09.

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Written by on Dec 11, 2008

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