T.Gaines - Fake Sing

Artist: T.Gaines

Producer: DJ of The Innovatorz

Album: The Groove God

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On his recent debut feature, T. Gaines boldly proclaimed that, as far as mic skills are concerned, he’s Better Than Hova. But that’s not all; the Chicago repper can also Fake Sing with the best of ‘em. (And when he does so, you’d do well to cover your girl’s ears.) A tongue-in-cheek send-up of the increasing overlap between rap and R&B/pop, this newly-released mixtape single finds Gaines delivering mellow, melodically-flowed verses over the somnolent electronic production of The Innovatorz crew member DJ. On the chorus, he showcases a pseudo-sung delivery so smooth you just might mistake it for the genuine article. Feeling it? You can expect more fake singing, along with plenty of real rapping, on T. Gaines’s The Groove God mixtape, available now for free download via Audiomack.

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Written by on 09/13/13

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Better Than Hov" (2013)

Total DJ Booth Features:
4 Songs



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