Sydney Jay - SamePage

Artist: Sydney Jay

Producer: BNJMN

Album: Red Logic EP

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Lies by omission, avoidance of uncomfortable topics and even outright deceit are sadly common in the realms of sex and romance but, for a happy love life, you and your partner have got to be on the Same Page. On her latest EP single, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, Chi-town R&B buzzmaker Sydney Jay lays her cards on the table, letting a two-timing guy know that she knows he’s already seeing someone. As she puts it over BNJMN‘s warm, synth-led beat, “I’m not down with that sharin’ stuff, [I’ve] had enough.” I’m definitely feeling this cut and, if you and I are on the Same Page, you won’t want to miss the Red Logic EP when it drops in October.

Sydney Jay PremiereR&B/Pop

Written by on 09/3/14

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Memories" (2014)

Total DJ Booth Features:
2 Songs

Sydney Jay


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