Styles of Beyond ft. Michael Bublé - Damn

Artist: Styles of Beyond

Producer: Vin Skully and Cheapshot

Album: Reseda Beach

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Damn. Just… damn. In addition to being the song’s title, that four-letter word doubles as fans’ like reaction upon hearing the record, which finds underground crew Styles of Beyond joining forces with pop hitmaker Michael Bublé. It’s an unusual pairing, to be sure, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work; the Canadian crooner’s amiable chorus and backing vocals prove the perfect complement to Ryu and Tak‘s easygoing rhymes, delivered over Vin Scully and Cheapshot‘s retro-informed piano backdrop. Feeling it? This joint is set to appear—in a Bublé-less version—on the group’s sixth studio album, Reseda Beach. Having recently parted ways with Machine Shop/Warner, the group will be releasing the project via Dirty Version Records on Tuesday, October 23.

Styles of Beyond

Written by on Sep 05, 2012

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