Stromae - Alors On Dance (Remix)

Artist: Stromae

Featuring: Kanye West, Gilbere Forte'

Producer: Stromae & Dmitri Borrey

Album: Cheese

Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 32 votes )


While America’s urban music has been thoroughly steeped in the synth-heavy influence of European pop, artists across the pond haven’t stopped cooking up new and adventurous ways to get bodies moving. The latest continental success to attempt a trans-Atlantic jump, Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae has enlisted a hip-hop heavyweight and a Booth-acclaimed rising star to help up his profile among North American audiences. This official remix of breakout hit Alors On Danse (“So We Dance”), finds the Booth newcomer and co-producer Dmitri Borrey blending four-on-the-floor percussion, sizzling synths and a squeaky woodwind sample into a uniquely body-moving backdrop for lyrical stunting from Kanye West and Philly’s Gilbere Forte’; with the headliner confined to the chorus, the guests do the heavy lifting on the mic, the former lacing the front with high-rolling bravado and the latter enjoying copious quantities of top-shelf liquors on the final verse. So, readers, does this joint have what it takes to make a splash stateside? If you think so, you can hear more on Stromae’s Cheese LP, released Sept. 2.

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Written by on 09/12/10

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