Spose - The King of Maine

Artist: Spose

Producer: God.Damn.Chan

Album: The Peter Sparker Mixtape

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Ever since Kendrick Lamar audaciously laid claim to Biggie‘s former title on #Control, East Coast rhymesayers have been debating who truly deserves to be called King of New York. There’s not quite as much competition to become The King of Maine, but that doesn’t stop Spose from exulting in his position on his latest mixtape single. Appropriately enough, the emcee/producer’s verses are dense with local color. In addition to big-upping the Seahawks and his state’s lobster trade, he alludes to locals’ distinctive accents, spitting, “We got no ‘r’s in our dialect.God.Damn.Chan provides an addictive chopped-sample beat to accompany his bars. Red Stallion Media‘s Jason Bosch directs the joint’s official video, which features footage shot in each and every one of Maine’s 16 counties. Fans can find King of Maine and much more on Spose’s Peter Sparker Mixtape, released last summer and available now for purchase via Bandcamp.

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Written by on 03/13/14

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