Speech - Start Spreading the News ft. Chali 2na & Jahi

Artist: Speech

Featuring: Chali 2na

Producer: S-1 and Speech

Album: Grown Folks Table

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As the frontman for successful hip-hop group Arrested Development, Speech has built up plenty of experience for old-school heads to respect.  Following his self-titled debut and sophomore set The Vagabond, the dual Milwaukee/Atlanta representative is inviting fans to come and take a seat at The Grown Folks’ Table for his junior album.  To serve as many listeners as possible, Speech knows he has to get everyone to Start Spreading the News, so he brings two other big names to handle the invitations.  As the emcee describes today’s organic music special, Jurassic 5 co-founder Chali 2na gets the audience to shake “like elephants at the sight of mice,” and Speech’s son, Jahi, offers a short but sweet verse that could be compared to an after-dinner mint. So Start Spreading The News, because the Grown Folks’ Table is set for this February.

SpeechChali 2na

Written by on 09/15/08

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