Slum Village - We On The Go

Artist: Slum Village

Featuring: Black Milk

Producer: Black Milk

Album: Vintage EP

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Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where We On The Go. So many of us are constantly thinking about where we’re headed that we forget to live in the here and now. As it pertains to music this mistake is made on a daily basis. Fans are always looking forward to full bodies of work, ignoring the quality of the songs that lead up a main release. As an example, veteran Detroit rap group Slum Village would greatly appreciate if, in the excitement over their upcoming Vintage EP, you didn’t look past their latest single. T3, Baatin and Young RJ are joined by fellow Motown representatives Black Milk (who produces the track) and Frank Nitt (J Dilla’s Music Catalog Curator), all encouraging listeners to embrace “a good feeling” that comes with living in the moment. A prequel to their impending full-length, YES, the EP is due out this June.

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Written by on 04/25/14

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