Slum Village ft. Kam Corvet - We On

Artist: Slum Village

Producer: J. Dilla

Album: Vintage EP

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Seeing as the title of Slum Village‘s latest project is “Vintage,” it would be a shame if it didn’t contain some fresh production from the vault of the man who forged their classic sound. Sure enough, lead single We On features a previously-unreleased instrumental by the late, great J. Dilla. Over a quirky, laid-back groove built around superimposed guitar and keyboard loops, T3 and Illa J spit about their worldwide hustle, showing off their collaborative chemistry with some old-school line-trading. Kam Corvet blesses the hook with some soulful vocal harmonies. Feeling it? Then don’t miss the rest of the dope material in store on the aforementioned Vintage EP, available for pre-order and coming soon.

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Written by on Jul 03, 2014

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