SkyBlew ft. CJ Suitt - The Digi Destined

Artist: SkyBlew

Producer: SublimeCloud

Album: Clouded Dreams & Beautiful Memories EP

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 1 votes )


For many of our readers, the title of SkyBlew‘s latest effort will go over your head. Don’t worry, we don’t blame you. It was only after I entered The Digi Destined into the Google machine that I was transported back to an elementary school post-class ritual. I would come home, down some pizza bagels, and watch Digimon, a Pokemon-like animated series about digital monsters. The Digi Destined were the group of kids destined to protect the digital world. Here, SkyBlew and CJ Suitt are the hip-hop version of said group, determined to protect hip-hop from soulless, cookie-cutter rap with their smooth, charismatic style. Over a floating, video-game inspired production from SubmlimeCloud, Blew’s creativity and originality are ever present thanks to his easy-going high-pitched flow, matched only by Suitt’s deeper-voiced yet equally as genuine effort. More refreshing hip-hop should be found on Sky’s forthcoming EP, Clouded Dreams & Beautiful Memories.

SkyBlew Indie

Written by on Apr 01, 2013

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