Skillz - Crazy World

Artist: Skillz

Producer: Khari Ferrari & Skillz

Album: Million Dollar Backpack

Avg Rating: 21321 2.2 ( 19 votes )


There are an abundance of occurrences that take place in the world every day that just can’t be explained.  In fact, hip-hop’s social commentator, Skillz (best known for his yearly Rap-Up series), will be the first to discuss what a Crazy World we live in.  On his new single, the Virginia-native comments on everything from the problems with our Veteran’s Affairs department, to women becoming pregnant at increasingly younger ages.  And for the Shakespearean effect of “all the world’s a stage,” a Broadway-sounding brass band (courtesy of Skillz and Khari Ferrari) as well as chorus are employed.  Be sure to look out for future clinics in the true art of hip-hop when Skillz’ Koch debut, Million Dollar Backpack, is released in the coming months.


Written by on 01/31/08

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