Shwayze ft. Tayyib Ali - All I Know

Artist: Shwayze (Aaron Smith)

Featuring: Tayyib Ali

Producer: Slimmy Neutron

Album: Shwayze Summer

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On his last featured cut, Shwayze stated his preference for jump-offs over relationships, declaring, “I ain’t lookin’ for love, man. / I don’t need it.” Fast-forward eight months, and he’s changed his tune regarding his aversion to commitment; it’s not that he doesn’t want to be faithful to one girl, it’s that he can’t. Album standout All I Know finds the Malibu repper addressing an ex whose heart he broke. Over the bubblegum-pop boardwork of producer Slimmy Neutron, he expresses contrition for his actions, but insists that he could never leave his current freewheeling lifestyle behind. Philly rhymesayer Tayyib Ali echoes the headliner’s sentiments on the guest tip. Has this breezy, bittersweet cut left you craving more? You’ll find what you seek on senior set Shwayze Summer, out as of July 16.

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Written by on Jul 25, 2013

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