Shontelle - Roll

Artist: Shontelle

Producer: Evan Rogers & Carl Sturken

Album: Shontelligence

Avg Rating: 54321 5.0 ( 3 votes )


Caribbean music like Calypso, Reggae, and Reaggaeton have continued to gain popularity here in the States and 23-year-old Shontelle is trying to get in where she fits in.  Already popular in the Caribbean she is now bringing her talent to the U.S. with her first single, Roll, from her debut album Shontelligence.  With a beat that you can’t help but dance to courtesy of Evan Rogers & Carl Sturken and a chorus that’s (I’m assuming) talking about rolling your hips, it’s hard to tell that this song is trying to send an encouraging, self-esteem boosting message.  But whether you listen for the music, the words, or both, you’re sure to hear a hit.

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Written by on Jun 29, 2007

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