Sheek Louch - We Spray Crowds

Artist: Sheek Louch

Producer: Divine

Album: TBA

Avg Rating: 14321 1.0 ( 1 votes )


D-Block’s self-proclaimed “sleeper,” Sheek Louch, has released another street single from his as-yet untitled third album.  We Spray Crowds, the reason why Bill O’Reily hates rappers, follows the same old formula used by countless East Coast MCs.  With a contradictory hook, claiming he doesn’t promote violence, Sheek explains why he’s willing to shoot at crowds of people.  What?  Why?  The one redeeming factor here is the production, which has a violin-synthesizer mix similar to the well known style of Dr. Dre.  Hopefully, more variety will lace Sheek’s forthcoming Koch release.

Sheek Louch

Written by on 09/7/07

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