Shawty Redd - Drifter ft. Bigg Gipp

Artist: Shawty Redd

Featuring: Gipp

Producer: Shawty Redd

Album: Jekyll & Hyde

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 26 votes )


Best known for his extensive production work with Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg‘s current single, Sexual Eruption, ATL producer-rapper Shawty Redd is about to show the world both talents on his solo debut Jekyll/Hyde.  The first single, Drifter, features Redd (like Snoop in Eruption) trying to sing about a stripper that has him under a trance.  While his lyrics may sound a little tired, guest rapper Bigg Gipp serves up the same refreshing Southern-fried style we’ve enjoyed since his days as a member of Goodie Mob.  Although Drifter is a solid experimental introduction to the world of rap, Redd’s production talents clearly indicate he shouldn’t quit his day job just yet.

Shawty ReddGipp

Written by on 12/13/07

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