ShaqIsDope - Just Believe

Artist: ShaqIsDope

Producer: Zach Lyda

Album: Black Frames

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I know it might sound surprising, but you have to Just Believe me when I say that this is only ShaqIsDope’s second Booth feature ever. (It’s also a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) His first was March’s Dirty California, in case you were wondering. In a crystal-clear flow that would make the most experienced emcee envious, Shaq showcases his potent, passionate mic style. Zach Lyda‘s echoing beat is on the softer side, thanks to the velvety sample, but this record is anything but lightweight. Shaq posses all the power the track needs, both in his flow and his thoughtful, engaging lyrics. If you dug Just Believe, be on the lookout for the artist’s next project, Black Frames.

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Written by on Nov 25, 2013

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