Sha Stimuli - Hellbound

Artist: Sha Stimuli

Producer: Agor

Album: Rent Tape Series

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We all experience dark thoughts and antisocial urges from time to time—the majority of us just aren’t fearless enough to immortalize them on wax. A braver man than most, Sha Stimuli spills his guts like a Catholic at confession on the latest song release off his forthcoming EP. The Big Apple repper’s first feature since May’s Vitamin S, Hellbound finds Sha laying bare his inner conflicts regarding women, religion, and the rap game over a pensive, string-laced beat by Agon. Halfway though, he remarks, “Everything I say today might get taken in a crazy way.” Truer words have never been spit—but I have a feeling heads in the Booth will appreciate his brutal honesty. The Savior, entry number eight in Sha Stimuli’s Rent Tape series, is scheduled to hit the ‘net today, August 29.

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Written by on Aug 29, 2012

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