Sean Leon - Elephant Graveyard/100 Shots

Artist: Sean Leon

Producer: J'vell Boyce, Jordan Evans, Sean Leon

Album: narcissus, THE DROWNING OF EGO

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 2 votes )



Remember how creepy the Elephant Graveyard seemed, when you first watched The Lion King as a young’n? Well, prepare to experience that feeling again, when you hit play on the first Booth feature from T-Dot up-and-comer Sean Leon. It may be “just a rap record,” but its eerie boardwork (crafted by J’vell Boyce, Jordan Evans and Leon himself) and cryptic, croaked bars are quite effective at establishing an atmosphere of unease. Things lighten up—a little—on the 100 Shots portion of this two-part jam, which finds the artist switching to a more conversational delivery as he laces a cavernous, soul-sampled groove with pensive reflections on the hustle. If this fresh, unconventional cut’s piqued your interest, you can hear more on Sean’s narcissus, THE DROWNING OF EGO LP, out online as of late January.

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Written by on Mar 28, 2014

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