Sean Kingston ft. Busta Rhymes - How We Survive

Artist: Sean Kingston

Featuring: Busta Rhymes

Producer: JR Rotem

Album: Feed The Streets Thursdays

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It should come as no surprise that Sean Kingston and Busta Rhymes’ latest collaboration is titled How We Survive because both musicians are quite literally survivors. Last year, Kingston survived a near life-or-death jet skiing accident and Rhymes has remained relevant for decades in an industry where it’s all about survival of the fittest. Longevity and survival aside How We Survive is a reggae-tinged, celebratory record that’ll ensure that you “party as one.” With his heavy Brooklyn accent it’s pretty easy to forget that Bussa Buss is in fact Jamaican, but he lets it be known on his one How We Survive verse, boasting an almost authentic Jamaican accent. Even the least trained of ears will likely notice the influence of Kingston’s Jamaican roots on the production, which comes courtesy of his longtime Beluga Heights boss and hitmaker JR Rotem. As this is the first entry in the Jamaican crooner’s Feed The Streets Thursdays series expect a number of new tunes from Kingston in the future.

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Written by on Aug 16, 2012

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