Saukrates ft. Choclair - Heroes

Artist: Saukrates

Producer: C4ENT

Album: Let's Be Friends

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Obviously, firefighters, cops and service men and women are true Heroes. But, on a lesser level, aren’t those who make music Heroes, too? I guess when you compare them, not really, but that doesn’t mean that Saukrates‘s latest single isn’t heroically dope. The way the artist bursts in the door and beats up C4ENT‘s gritty, synth-laced beat is reminiscent of a superhero busting into an enemy lair and pummeling the bad guys. The only difference is that where most superheroes stop, Saukrates just keeps on going. He even lets his guest, fellow Canadian and Booth newcomer Choclair, get in a few shots. This Booth-exclusive world premiere is slated to appear on Canadian label C4ENT‘s forthcoming compilation album, Let’s Be Friends, due out in April.

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Written by on Jan 22, 2014

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